Roblox BedWars Commands List – Custom Match & Chat!

Custom matches in Roblox BedWars are a fun way to play the game because you can customizes aspects of it to suit how you and your friends might want to play. This can increase your enjoyment or just speed things up a bit so you can get yourself decked out in full gear. If you’re wondering how to use these commands and what they are, we’ll be going over all of them in detail with this guide!

BedWars Commands Guide

All commands in Roblox BedWars are done in the chat window of the game. This can be opened by clicking on the chat icon at the top left of the screen or pressing the “/” key on your keyboard. You must include the “/” with your command when you enter it or it will not work.

If part of the command below is capitalized, that means you will need to replace that with the appropriate part of the command necessary for it to work.

Custom Match Commands List

Chat Commands List

Those are all of the commands for Roblox BedWars that you should know when playing a Custom Match or while chatting in the game. Find more details about the experience in the BedWars section of our website!

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