Flygon Weaknesses & Counters in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go will have you facing off against challenging raid Pokemon throughout your journeys outdoors. If one of these is Flygon, you are going to need to have some strong teammates available to you. Flygon has some unique types, which make countering it a bit more tricky. Don’t worry though, because we’ll teach you what its weaknesses are and how to counter it in this guide.

Flygon Weakness & Counters

Flygon has a weakness to Ice, Dragon, and Fairy in Pokemon Go. Ice in particular is the strongest move against them, with Dragon and Fairy coming in second place. That means your best Pokemon against one is going to be ice type with Ice moves!

You will want to keep any Poison, Rock, and Fire Pokemon away from the battle as Flygon defends well against these moves. Most importantly, make sure not to bring any Electric options to the party, because those moves will do next to no damage.

As for specific counters for Flygon, your best bet will be Abomasnow (Mega), Darmanitan (Galarian), Mamoswine, Weavile, and Glaceon. These are all ice-type Pokemon that have powerful ice moves. However, if you aren’t rich with ice Pokemon, you could also go Dragon. Rayquaza, Dragonite, and Garchomp are all solid options that should be able to take down Flygon!

If you want to get particularly fancy, you can run a Mewtwo against Flygon, as long as it has access to Ice Beam. Jynx is another mixed type option that generally runs ice moves, and can also be used.

Here’s a look at some of the specific counters along with the moves you would want. If you have the Shadow form of these Pokemon, then those are the stronger option.

You are likely going to run through multiple Pokemon in your encounter with a raid Flygon, so make sure you have a full team that at least can perform somewhat well against them. If you run out of options, you can always fill it up with whatever Fairy-type Pokemon you have to finish!

Those are all of the details we have on what best counters Flygon in Pokemon Go. We’ll have more detailed guides for you to checkout in the Pokemon Go section of our website.

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