Roblox BedWars Kits List (November 2021) – Season 2!

One of the exciting parts of Roblox BedWars is that you can play as different classes that add some variation to the gameplay of this popular game. There’s a lot to choose from, so make sure to find out the perks of each one so you can decide which will match up with your particular playstyle!

Each kit can be purchased for 399 Robux. However, every week there are a couple of kits that you can try for free. This is a good way to see if you’d like to purchase them in the future!

BedWars Kits List

NEW: Axolotl Amy

The Axolotl Amy kit can be obtained by paying 399 Robux in the Kit Shop!

You can purchase different Axolotls from the Item Shop during a match. The first one is the Shield Axolotl and it costs 20 Iron. The second Axolotl will upgrade your damage, and it costs 50 Iron. Then there’s the Break Speed Axolotl, which will cost 3 Emeralds. Finally, you have the Health Regen Axolotl, which costs 6 Emeralds.

Use your pet axolotls to empower yourself and nearby enemies with shields, increased attack damage, faster break speed and health regen.


The Ares Kit can only be obtained by leveling the paid Battle Pass to level 50 in Season 2.

A powerful ancient warrior that uses electric-charged throwing spears to destroy his enemies.


The Jack Kit can only be obtained by leveling the free Battle Pass to level 40 in Season 2.

Lob bundles of poisonous pumpkin oil across the map.


The Fisherman Kit can only be obtained by leveling the paid Battle Pass to level 25 in Season 2.

Why fight when you can fish?


The Gompy Kit can only be obtained by leveling the free Battle Pass to level 20 in Season 2.

Gompy the Ghost Hunter! Find ghosts around the map, vacuum them and fire them across the map.


The Trapper Kit can only be obtained by leveling the paid Battle Pass to level 3 in Season 2.

Place Snap Traps to stun unexpecting enemies. Damaging a recently trapped enemy will consume a mark dealing extra damage.


The Trinity kit can be obtained by paying 399 Robux in the Kit Shop!

Upon reaching three kills, choose between a Light and Void transformation. As the Light Angel, heal nearby teammates when damaging enemies. As the Void Angel, attacks will life steal.

Catherine, the Spirit Catcher

The Catherine, the Spirit Catcher kit can only be obtained by leveling the Free Pass to level 45.

Purchase spirits from the Item Shop and place them around the map. Spirits will chase down and explode nearby enemies.

Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter kit can only be obtained by leveling the Free Pass to level 16.

Get assigned bounties for killing certain players in the match. Completing a bounty rewards a random amount of resources.

When you play the game you will be given a target on the side of your screen. If you eliminate that player you will receive a random amount of resources!


The Warrior Kit can only be obtained by leveling the paid Battle Pass to level 10.

Armor is slightly cheaper and you can buy powerful warrior armor.

Beekeeper Beatrix

The Beekeeper Beatrix Kit can only be obtained by leveling the paid Battle Pass to level 20.

Catch bees around the map to upgrade your Bee Hive. Upgrading your Bee Hive will return additional iron and emeralds


The Jade Kit can only be obtained by leveling the FREE Pass to level 30.

Knock people up with your giant hammer.


The Raven Kit can only be obtained by leveling the paid Battle Pass to level 40.

Buy ravens and fly at enemies to deliver deadly doses of poison.


The Pyro Kit can only be obtained by leveling the paid Battle Pass to level 50.

Use your flamethrower to spray fire, making enemies brittle and taking more damage from attacks. Killing brittle enemies gives ember which you can use to upgrade your flamethrower.


Use a high tech tablet to control camera turrets across the map.

With the Vulcan kit, you can purchase a turret from the Item Shop for 2 Emeralds. Place the turret somewhere on the map and you can then take control of it with the tablet! Watch what players are doing, and fire at them if they get too close!


Use a magical staff to cast lightning strikes and electricity orbs.

The magical staff of the Wizard will cost you 3 emeralds to purchase from the item shop. You can use either the lightning ball or strike as attacks. This has some similarities to the Archer kit, where you can use it from a distance to attack enemies.

Grim Reaper

Consuming enemy souls grants health regen, movespeed and invulnerability for 2.5s. Combat is disabled while consuming.

The Grim Reaper Kit is pretty simple, and is pretty useful. When you kill an enemy player, they will drop a soul which you can consume to heal yourself and get a small buff for a couple of seconds. It’s a good kit if you’re fighting a lot, and need to heal quickly after a battle! Once you hit consume, you can immediately start moving, you don’t need to sit and wait for the soul to be consumed. During that time you will be buffed!


+15% projectile damage and access to the Tactical Crossbow in Item Shop.

The Archer can purchase a Tactical Crossbow from Amir for 10 Emeralds. Every projectile fired by the Archer will deal +15% more damage. Projectile based builds are considered to be pretty powerful due to the knockback that occurs when a player is hit by something. This makes it pretty dangerous for anyone attempting to cross a bridge!


Gain access to health-gain apples and speed-boost cakes.

The Baker can purchase two unique items. The Health Apple for 30 Iron and the Speed Pie for 2 Emeralds. When you or another player consumes an apple, you will restore 20 Health. The Speed Pie, when consumed, will give the player a speed boost for 1 minute and 30 seconds.


Build rage by damaging enemies. Instead of buying swords, your sword is upgraded upon reaching max rage. You lose half your rage upon death. Emerald Sword is replaced by the Rageblade.

Building rage with the Barbarian will eventually upgrade their sword to the next level. Each level requires additional hits than the previous one. Here’s a look at the swords that you can get and the hits required to get them:

If you are killed, you will lose half of your build up rage meter, so be sure to try and survive!


Fortify blocks using the Builder’s hammer. Purchase the Hammer from the Item Shop.

The Builder kit allows you to purchase a hammer from Amir for 20 Iron. You can use this to fortify blocks to make them stronger. Here’s a look at what it costs to fortify blocks:


Collect tree orbs around the map to increase size and max HP. Cannot buy armor.

If you want to be large and in charge, then you will want to get the Eldertree kit. You can find orbs around the map that will enlarge your character and increase your HP! This is a powerful option because you will be very hard to eliminate if you can consume enough orbs. However, the drawback is that you increase in size which will make it hard to get through smaller tunnels and tight spots on the map! You will also be a big target when you get huge, but you will also have a ton of health to survive.

Farmer Cletus

As a master of the farmland, Cletus grows crops that yield diamonds and emeralds.

If you use the Farmer Cletus kit, you will be able to buy seeds from Amir to grow crops. You can purchase Melons for 3 Emeralds that produce 1 Emerald, and Carrot seeds for 110 Iron that produce 1 Diamond.

Only players that use the Farmer Cletus kit can harvest the crops that are produced from the seeds. However, other players can destroy the crops, but they will not receive anything for it.

Crops take around 2 minutes to produce the fruit or vegetable. Once it is harvested, it will start the timer again and produce another crop after an additional 2 minutes!

Infernal Shielder

Spawn with a massive shield that can deflect damage + projectile knockback.

The Infernal Shielder spawns with a shield that you when used will reduce damage that is taken by 50%. The shield will also prevent the player from being knocked back by projectiles. When you have the shield equipped and active you will run slower than normal. This was reduced in a patch, so the run speed is not as bad as it was.


Wrangle enemies towards you using a lasso.

The Lassy kit has the ability to purchase a lasso from the item shop for 14 iron. Once you have the lasso, you can hold down the click to adjust the distance you will throw it. If you can land it on an enemy player, you will pull them towards you. This can be used for dropping players down to their death, or pull them off of high areas to get them down so that you can damage them!


Melody uses a guitar and the power of music to heal nearby teammates.

Melody is a bard type of class kit that can purchase a guitar from Amir for 20 Iron. When you play the guitar, you will heal the closest nearby teammate within 10 blocks. Unfortunately, you cannot use the guitar to heal yourself.

Pirate Davey

Use a TNT Cannon to bombard your enemies.

The Pirate Davey kit can purchase a cannon that can fire TNT at your enemies for 20 Iron. You will need to place down the cannon, and then add TNT to it to fire. This is a bit clunky, because you need to drop the cannon on the ground, aim it with F, then select your TNT to fire it. It takes a little while to set things up, so you’ll have to rely on teammate or distractions to get into position to use it.

Those are all of the currently available kits that you can purchase in Roblox BedWars! We’ve got a lot more content to explore in the BedWars section of our site, so be sure to check it out.

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